Cody Pictures!

Hey Guys,

I’m going to show you some pics of my dog Cody, yes he is a boy. First, let me tell you some stuff on Cody. He is 8 years old and turns 9 on 12/28/10. (ten days after my b day!) He is a real funny dog, he barks at the mirrors because he sees himself, he barks at everything that moves, he even barks at nothing! He’s not a good poser for pictures though… It normally takes me an hour to get a picture of him, looking, having stuff on him, and giving a nice smile. Cody is a very athletic dog, and runs around a lot. He plays with a yellow ball that was our dog Oly’s squeaky ball. Then it became out Dog Norman’s ball when Oly died. When Norman died and we got Cody to cheer up our lives, we couldn’t find it! But when we moved to our new house, we found the ball and Cody immediately loved it. He always grabs it and chases me around with it like it’s a game of tag, except he’s always the tagger. Anything he touches gets super hairy in seconds because he sheds SO MUCH! He’s the hairiest dog I’ve ever seen and is one of the fastest Yellow Labs I’ve ever seen. Here are pictures of my dog Cody!


IMG_5730IMG_5731 Pic above: He was eating grass, and I edited the edges a bit


More Coming Soon!


37 responses

19 04 2009
Ambassador Beta Omer


25 04 2009

dude dogs are sooooo cool! not as cool as rabid squirrelz though…..

(Ambassador) Neeko 24 🙂

24 05 2009

omg i have a skiperkee and her name is pearl the girl =)

pearl jones. her theme song is:

pearlie, pearlie, jones, DOG OF THE WILD FRONTIERR! =D

6 06 2009
Baseball Bat

neeko what it is with u and squirrels lol
nice pics

8 06 2009

i like the last pic so cute

15 07 2009
Planet Cazmo Hut

Awwwww BW your making me cry!

4 08 2009

Aww! Hes so cute! Thats my baby baby right there
~PCAP Neon

10 08 2009
Dwight Wayne


11 08 2009

aww so cute

11 08 2009

cool i got one that named thunder

15 08 2009

aww so scared i got a dog

22 08 2009
da laz 1left

nice i wish i could get a puppy there cute

26 08 2009

Hes so cute ruff ruff is all in my head now i have a dog simaler to that

29 08 2009
rocker 47

Awwwww your dog looks awesome!(unfortunately i dont have a dog) 😦

Nice blog by the way!

~rocker 47 spreads the world~

6 09 2009

cool dog bw i want a lab but i never got on e but i got five dogs

23 09 2009

Awwwwwww its so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

23 09 2009

Hes so cute!

8 10 2009

Omg Black wolf he is the cutest thing EVER!!!!!!!

P.S. This is Jake599

15 10 2009

nice dog bw

2 11 2009

I need dat dog hez so cute

6 12 2009

awwww, hes such a cutie… psh now you reminded me how much i want a dog… THE FOURTH PICTURE PWNS! 😀

6 12 2009
Black Wolf

lol that’s my fav one too

22 12 2009
Planet Cazmo's Neon Knights

AWWWWWW He looks so pretty with the Nutcracker in da last picture.

23 12 2009

:O Your dog is going out with Monz?!

23 12 2009
monicaoxox pcap 12


its only cuz youre jealous, right? jkjk

23 12 2009
Black Wolf

lol in her dreams, ac

29 12 2009

lol shuttup!!! you guys are so mean to me!

29 12 2009
Black Wolf

lol guys, yesterday was Cody’s b day and we went to the petshop to buy him something. While we were there, we saw a dog named Sam that looked exactly like him (maybe a bit chubbier and fluffier). It turns out Sam was Cody’s brother! I was so mad we didn’t bring Cody, I would of liked to see his reaction.

2 01 2010

lol thats so cool!!! but the better cody doesnt have a bro named sam xP

2 01 2010
Black Wolf

I think you’re mistaken, Monz. The Cody (yes, the one in the pic) does have a bro named sam!

3 01 2010

no no, no mistake!! the better one, my cody =) has no bro named sam!!!

4 01 2010

lol monz were mean to u yet u put up “xoxo”

10 03 2010

UR DOG is FUNNY lol the first one is funny with the slippers

4 06 2010

Whos oly?

6 06 2010
Black Wolf

the dog that died a few months before i was born

7 06 2010

hey black wolf
can i work here please???

25 06 2010

nice dog there cute i wish i had a dog like that but we had to give mine away it was to wild so cool pics of your dog cool blog.

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