Did you ever wonder who said I AM CLOWNICUS!!!!!!! ? Well I haven’t… But I still did the research… very… long… research. I found out it was *drum roll please* ME! So now I have this Clownicus club! If you would like to join, just dress up like a clown (you can have an afro, or party hat, just look WEIRD)! Here’s my clown pic:

picture-31 Aren’t I pretty? Well if you screamed in horror, this club is PERFECT for you!



21 responses

16 02 2009

haha ill join

16 02 2009

I’ll join lol I remember when this all started I was there and dressed up like a clown too lol

17 02 2009
K!nG \/\/y$e-Ch!p$



20 02 2009
Pcap Romani

hehe i want to join..
PCAP Romani

22 02 2009

clown creep me out, chicka!! they live in those trailors out by the fair.. who knows what happens in those trailors, i dont and i dont want to know. plus, how do they ALL fit in those little cars?? creeeeeeeeeeeperss if i do say so myself

1 03 2009

lol i join

12 06 2009

hahahahaha i will join.
almost psst mi pants lol when i saw it

10 07 2009
jack attax (not logged in)

Yup, I screamed! I wanna join
~jack attax

27 07 2009

lol XD kool it kinda freaks me…

2 08 2009
rocker 47

I fell of my chair whenn i saw the pic ya ill join lol

10 08 2009
Dwight Wayne

i want to join!!!!!!!!!!!

11 08 2009

I dont think i would be a good looking like a clown but mabe i would be good acting like one!

30 10 2009
the killer 300

can I join?

2 11 2009
Sk8er Nanner$

Woot! do i have to have the eyes and nose? xP im in!

23 11 2009


4 12 2009

I gotta think bout it. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh duh I would like to join! Sign me up!
~ Neon Knights

7 12 2009

Wow ill join Lolz this is something ill never do lolz

22 12 2009
Planet Cazmo's Neon Knights

Dude you got me worried right there with your cazmo’s nose. I thougt he had a cold lol.

29 12 2009
PCAP Smashaz

Lemmeeeee join!!! Ive got a well creepy clown costume thingy

31 12 2009

dude you almost freak me out half dead, lol! I thought u were blind already. with that star o your eye.

6 09 2010

lol ill join
I have a party hat and some other funny stuff

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