New Updates!!!

13 11 2010

Hi Cazmos!!!

There Are New Updates Iets Start With New Hot Deals.

Also You Can Share Shakira Concert With Yor Freinds In Twitter And Facebook:

Also There Are Shakira Concert That was really Cool.

Also Bigdawg’s Quest Part2 Is Available Now!

And If You Need Part 1 Talk To The Lloyd At Lake Cazmo!!

You Are Invited!!

This Sunday At Their Cazmo House!

BeatStreet Server

Rafeal Msm At 2PM EST

Taha Yoyo (Me) At 4PM EST

Make Shure to go to My Party And Rafeal Msm!

Here A Picture For Future House For TAHA YOYO!

If You Dont No How To Go To My House Here’s How:

The New Ambassador Gift Is The Blue Fez.

Also If You Want a Backstage Ticket You Should Go To Caz-Rox-Cafe Then Go To The VIP Backstage Speak To Shakira From:

Shakira Then Choose ‘Can I Have Your Autograph?’

Note:For Members Only!!!!

BACKSTAGE Of  Shakira Concert.

Ticket Of  Shakira Concert.








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