new updates!!!

4 07 2010

Hey Cazmo!!!

there are new updates lets start with hot deals Fourth of July.

Also You Can Share Vita Chambers Encore Concert With Your Freind in Facebook And Twitter.

New Cool off a juice while hanging at the Teen Choice Awards beach!

Refreshments ,Only One Week Special!!!

also there are a Vita Chambers Encore Concert at Teen Choice Awards That was really Cool.

Come See The Fireworks On The Fourth of July they decorated the Town Square with cool stuff you can see there is some flags, a Giant Firework!!!

Now you Can Go at The Dance Club From the Map:

The Chair On Vita Chambers Encore Concert Are Out the light and thunder This is really Cool.

also If you want a Backstage Ticket you should go to Caz-Rox-Cafe then go to the VIP Backstage Speak to Mandy from

Vita Chambers then choose ‘Can I Have Your Autograph?’

note:for members only!!!!

BACKSTAGE Of  Vita Chambers Concert.

Ticket of Vita Chambers Concert .






One response

5 07 2010

Great post! May I ask how did you get a picture of the town in full? Because on my screen I can only see part xD

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