10 03 2010

Hello guys.

I am switching to searver megamix. I am planning/hoping some others will come with me! This way, there won’t be so much drama all the time, and not everyone will expect to be on the last searver xD

well, if you want to join me, comment below and try to get more to come!

-Lord Naners




18 responses

11 03 2010
Corve DaCosta

will check it out

11 03 2010

This has been tried many of times. And who made this post?

13 03 2010

Dude Megamix is my server lol

13 03 2010

ill join you

13 03 2010
Nanna Banana

I made this post. Latley I have been bothered by bad players and if I stay on beatstreet, I will eventualy get so mad, spaz out, and I would loose PCAP.

13 03 2010

i want to join and aso work on your blog!

14 03 2010
Nanna Banana

Of course you can join but to work on my, or any wordpress blog you need to have a wordpress of your own.

14 03 2010

lol we must tell pc or they will think ppl quit pc.

btw the way i thoiught bw posted this xP

17 03 2010
Nanna Banana

They won’t think we quit bcuz we are still going on.

17 03 2010
Black Wolf

nope, naners posted it

19 03 2010
NiJiNeKo24 =]

(For your post on Feb. 18 on Lolwutgoat)
Its more then one person who hacks for Lolwutgoat. Btw I know one of the “Hackers” as you may call it, and hes actually an amazing, and really nice guy. Plus, wtf is Planet Cazmo?

24 03 2010

I will come and naners

30 03 2010


4 04 2010
bob the billy


9 04 2010

ill join

15 04 2010

I will join black wolf

18 04 2010

Ill come.
Ya there has been alot of drama. And Im sure NO ONE wants to loose their pcap if they have a short temper.

14 07 2010
CheSteR z0z

“Planet Cazmo” is THE WORST site I have ever seen. It is terrible, and a waste of money. And sounds like someone has a crruuuushhhh on a hackkerrr haha lmao jkjk

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