New Concert Coming Soon And Sneek Peek!

5 01 2010

Hey Guys. Did You Hear? Yup! A New Concert Coming Up! Not Any Of The Singers That Already Preformed, Nah. Someone New! Somebody Called Kate Voegele, Have You Heard Of Her? ( I Haven`t Lol) Well If You Log In To Cazmo You Will See A Banner Like This:

Credit To 7ronaldo27 For The Banner!

Now Its Time To Crack… You Saw It Here… You Heard It Hear… It Is… A SNEAK PEEK! Well This Time It Isn`t A New Item Or Things Like That, Its A Upgrade To Lake Cazmo! Its Going To Snow There And Gonna Get A Little Icy Where The Lake Is..

Click It For A Larger View! So We Will Be Able To Skate On The Ice, Which We Need Skates For, Right? So Im Guessing Theres Going To Be Skates For Us?

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