Cazmic Chat

29 12 2009

PlanetPC Update: PlanetPC now has 20,000 hits! Party soon!

UPDATE: All testers will be authors. On Cazmic Chat, any user can update the site with new conversation. Authors can make big titled posts that are a lot more visible. When Cazmic Chat is released, we will be looking for a lot of authors!

Hey Cazmos,

I’m releasing a blog called the Cazmic Chat on Friday! I have some people doing some testing on it with me, and if you would like to join in before it comes out feel free to ask! Probably the first ten people that ask will be the only ones to join. It’s gonna be a blast, I can’t wait till it comes out!




12 responses

29 12 2009

I wanna joiiiiin =)

29 12 2009

I’ll join if u insist

29 12 2009

lol agent and yea i’ll join to sounds awesome!! Sorry im not signed in to wordpress but im on my sisters laptop 😛 this is me


29 12 2009

k now im signed in and jsut to clarify again… i’ll join 😛


29 12 2009
Planet Cazmo's Neon Knights

Ill join

29 12 2009

I will Join! hehe

29 12 2009
Nanna Banana

ME PWEASE! 🙂 I love blogging.

29 12 2009

I guess this is a job for mikeman!

29 12 2009

I’ll Join!!

29 12 2009

Can’t wait, I’ll join
-Two Bit

30 12 2009
Ambassador Beta Tito

I’ll Join! xD

~Beta Tito

30 12 2009

ill join too!!!

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