24 12 2009

I found this on the web, and it’s made by Pileated Pictures (people who brought you Planet Cazmo), so I thought you guys might want to show this to someone learning to read!

Get Ready To Read! From your favorite company, Pileated Pictures!!

Get Ready to Read! Program Overview

Get Ready to Read! (GRTR!) is a national initiative to build the early literacy skills of preschool-age children. The initiative provides an easy-to-administer, research-based screening tool to early childhood educators, child care providers, and parents in order to help them prepare all children to learn to read and write.

GRTR!‘s program vision is that all preschool children will have the skills they need to learn to read when they enter school. This Web site is a part of NCLD’s initiative to provide parents, educators, health-care professional and advocated with information to help build early literacy skills by integrating emergent literacy screening and learning activities into routine early childhood education, child-care and parenting practices.

These printable brochures offer more detailed GRTR! program information. Requires Adobe Acrobat, available free at

General Program Brochure

Parent Brochure

Spanish Brochure




6 responses

24 12 2009


24 12 2009
Black Wolf

Just something from Pileated Pictures to help people to read, who don’t already know how. Looks like a great site for people just learning

24 12 2009

ok random lol

24 12 2009
Corve DaCosta

Hope it works.

24 12 2009

grr. i hate reading…. and school
u not suppose to remind us of school when we r off…. grr….

24 12 2009
Black Wolf

school rules!

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