Gold and Silver Ambassador Hats have landed!

23 12 2009

Hey Cazmos,

Ambassadors who worked extra hard to keep Cazmo safe, stay active, spread the world, etc. etc. got a Silver Ambassador Hat!

Player who have done all this for an extremely long time, and have a clean trait have gotten a Gold Ambassador Hat!



5 responses

23 12 2009
Nanna Banana

lucky ducky…im not even PCAP yet….

23 12 2009

OMG Congrats Wolf! 😀

23 12 2009

luckey duckey ur a pcap gold hat

keep the good work up

23 12 2009
Ambassador Beta Tito

Congratz bw!
You completly deserve it! 😉
I got a silver one too!

~Beta Tito

24 12 2009
Planet Cazmo's Neon Knights

More people have been added. I hope I have made it to any of them ranks. Do you think I will be in for gold circle or silver circle BW?

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