Hey guys!

18 12 2009

Hey guys RD here aka Crush 40 i forgot that i worked on this site for a while but i got alot of explaining to do well here goes while back in october i wanted to go back to planetcazmo and then one day a very cool cazmo named agent helped me get my cazmo back and then so i changed Richard to Crush 40 and then november 2009 my secret got out so i decided to tell everyone that Crush 40 is the one and only famous Richdude well i hope you guys liked the story if you have any questions of the return you can add me on cazmo and ill txt you how well cya guys on planetcazmo!





One response

18 12 2009
Planet Cazmo's Neon Knights

Omg! Curhs ur RD! Dont uhave another account named Sonic the Hedgehog?

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