Sorry for whatever happened.

16 12 2009

Hey Cazmos,

I’m sorry for whatever happened today, but obviously someone has found out my password which I’m in the process of changing (that password controls about 172 different things.. it may be a while). Please recognize that whatever that pic used to be, I had no idea about it, and it wasn’t there when I got on Planet PC today. Once again, I’m sorry for what happened.




4 responses

16 12 2009
Nanna Banana

It’s ok BW. I, and I’m sure that most other Cazmos, understand…Getting hacked happens…I have been hacked once….didn’t like it 😛

16 12 2009
Planet Cazmo's Neon Knights

Dont worry BW! I know u never do anything like that. I trust u alot! Trust me! Ur like my closest best friend, and I would never believbe u would do that.

16 12 2009
Black Wolf

I really doubt I’ve been hacked, it’s extremely hard to hack someone when they’re on a MacBook Pro. I guess they’re just great at guessing passwords or something, because my password is over 50 characters long

16 12 2009

minez 172811168216289 letters long! yes its a story

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