What will happen if I win!

25 11 2009

Hey Cazmos,

I just wanted to tell you all how happy I would be if I won the house contest! Well first of all, starting now I am saving up Cazmo Cash. All Cazmo Cash that is not used on updating my house will go to the winner of a contest I will make. My family isn’t doing good on money at all this year, and I think it’d be awesome to have a Nintendo Wii. Unforunately my family can’t afford one at the moment, but Cazmo is cool enough give one away for free!! Anyways, I’m starting to save up my cash, and I will give all my extra cash away to one lucky person at a contest! The contest will just be a party at my house, and we will be doing events there. Whoever wins the most gets the cc. Oh, and just so you know: This is pure BRIBERY. So yes, jump with joy because I never do bribery, except for right now! I hope you all vote my house 5 stars, and tell your friends about it!! If you vote my house 5 stars and tell me about it on Cazmo, I’ll go and rate your house 5 stars too! It’s a win/win situation! Thanks a lot for everything, you guys rock and I can’t imagine what I’d do without you guys.

Have a nice day,

Black Wolf




9 responses

26 11 2009

great site wolf!!!!
it would be great to win the wii lol
well if u can comment on my site

26 11 2009

Yoo Bw =D

I’ll rate your house, will you rate mine ? 😛

Great Site 😉

26 11 2009
Black Wolf

Yeah sure, whoever rates my house 5/5 and tells me, I’ll rate theirs 5/5 too!

27 11 2009

Wow wolf Wow I can’t believe you would go so low! I’m offering 1000 cc xD I already rates yrs 5/5 now return the favor

27 11 2009
Black Wolf

lol I’d offer more if I had more (I have 0 right now, I’m working on getting some.)
And thanks, I just rated your house 5/5 too.

28 11 2009

LOL 1000 cc is 25$ a WII is 250$ do the math 😛 just go to CVS and buy an ultimate game card and redeem it with playspan (if you really do that I’ll eat you!)

29 11 2009

i called up all my buds.. to rate your house

29 11 2009
Black Wolf

ty! I’ve just rated up your house.

30 11 2009

WII arent cool unless
u have wifi
if u have wifi

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