15,000 Hits!

16 10 2009

Wow, PlanetPC has 15,000 hits!!

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me, you guys rock! If it weren’t for you guys, I don’t know what I would do.





8 responses

16 10 2009
Baseball Bat

Congrats!! Are you gonna have a party?

16 10 2009
Black Wolf

Maybe, then again maybe not.. I’m not really too sure! Right now, I’m in the process of planning a party of the Ambassador blog-it just got 5,000 hits.

17 10 2009

Congrats bw! You should make a party cos like it will be huge because ur site is awesome

17 10 2009
Black Wolf

Well I’ll try to, but I have a lot of doctors appointments ahead of me.. Dumb swine flu lol

17 10 2009


17 10 2009
Ambassador Richcooldude

Congrats! Im Having A 40 Cazmo Cash Contest When I Reach 15,000 hits which is maybe in a week or so

19 10 2009
Corve DaCosta

Just celebrated 10, 000

29 10 2009
Ambassador Richcooldude

i had My Contest But WP Told me to stop the contest cuz my server was overloading i need to upgrade now to $30 dollars a month so it can hold lots of ppl. I just got 16,000 Hits

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