TIP: High school matters most!

23 09 2009

Hey Cazmos,

I wanted to give you a tip for when you’re on Earth! You should always aim for good grades, but especially in High school. If you do great in High school, then you can get in to a great college! So I suggest working as hard as you can when you get there, and MAKE SURE YOU STUDY. Studying has to be the most important thing, so please listen to this message Cazmos!

Thank you for reading this random Tip




6 responses

24 09 2009

BW that was……BEAUTIFUL!!! *claps* but I’m in middle school 😛

24 09 2009
Ambassador Richcooldude

haha your in high school to

25 09 2009
Black Wolf

Never said I was rcd, just sending out a message for Cazmos. Just so that they can go to a good college one day, and get the job they want.

27 09 2009

lol black wolf, ur tricky 😉

15 10 2009

Dude u are very

15 10 2009

Dude education rocks|!

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