19 09 2009

Hey Cazmos,

I just wanted to tell you that I found Lloyd today.

Screen shot 2009-09-19 at 12.58.13 PM

And thank you to Marean for telling me that he was at Statue Island!




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20 09 2009

DUDE it wont get shut down if u tell the person in advance u wil;l take it and give thmem credit! plus i gave him credit like i said! go check jimbercanes full quest post! io commented it to him GEEZ!

20 09 2009

Is he still givin out those surfboards?

20 09 2009

well fyi i did tell jim b4 i put it

21 09 2009

lol i asked him on the 17thand i told himi would give him full credit with a lik to his site and stuff

21 09 2009

he didnt make me take it down i just took it down because u guys (baseball bat and u) said sumthn about it

22 09 2009

Black Dude i didnt Scam i said i was Chatting with a friend and telling her to join and she said her email wont open on her lab top and told u guys i would get cc for reffering and twinkles thought i was making up emails

BW: Yes, ik at first I was just a bit confused, but I eventually got it.

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