4 08 2009

Hey guys, I heard this one rumor about this new thing called rounds in Planet Cazmo. A round is something in a phase where they add new ambassadors. There’s 8 rounds in a phase. So I guess that would mean cazmo would be adding people each week since phases are 2 months apart. You’ve probably heard a new group of ambassadors have been picked right? It’s weird how it’s still phase 8. So then someone told me about rounds. I know this post was kinda confusing but it was a little hard to explain. If you know if it’s just a rumor or not or if you have a question, just comment on this post.

~Baseball Bat~




3 responses

4 08 2009
Black Wolf

no, it’s just really when chief feels like he has to add more people, but not a whole new phase for them

4 08 2009

oh ik why chief is adding more people! to replace all the ambassadors he removed.

5 08 2009

Removed! Lol he hardly removed any really

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