Baseball Bat

20 07 2009

Hey guys, my name is Baseball Bat. I’m a new worker on Black Wolf’s site. I’m gonna be posting for Black Wolf while he’s on his vacation. Thanks for adding me Black Wolf! Here’s a bit of info about myself:

I’m a Cazmo that was a beta tester. I’m not yet a member of planet cazmo. I always try to find everything possible to do in Planet Cazmo. I accept friend requests of people who have sites or people who are nice. My favorite server is Beatstreet. I’ll be on Beatstreet mostly. My favorite place is the beach.  My favorite game is Phrux’s Goalie Showdown. My favorite item is the baseball cap. Oh and I hate it when people call me Baseballbat. It’s Baseball Bat!

Heres my cazmo. I’m funny lookin ain’t I?


Here’s my site:

~Baseball Bat~




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