No time to post for a while because…

21 04 2009

… Because I’ll be working on my very own game. This game is going to be the biggest game ever. If you have every heard of World of Warcraft, it will be similar to that, we are going to make a partnership with Blizzard and hopefully they can help us, and once we get big, we’ll help them. But anyways, more time working on my game, less time working on Cazmo. I’m going to be adding some ADs to this site soon and please click on them! I get a tiny bit of money for each ad you click, and it will go to my game. The more you click, the quicker it comes out. 😀




4 responses

22 04 2009

Haha you won’t partner with Blizzard, EVER. Sry, but its the truth.

22 04 2009
Ambassador Crab

Dude its hard making games like Warcraft, planet cazmo, etc.. I tried doing it last year. It was hard for me.

22 04 2009

Carrotz.. We have our ways..
And Crab, that’s my I have employees who I pay to make the game. One person can’t make a whole game.

25 04 2009

thats true crab, you just need a staff to help you with whatever you need. I believe in you BW! good luk wit the game!!!!

(Ambassador) Neeko 24 🙂
p.s. clik on mai naim

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