20 04 2009

Hey everyone,

I was reading this book in the library, and it said something about the  Ancient Greeks. I guess someone thought it would be funny if (and they were right, it is funny!) they erased the R. So now it’s the Ancient Geeks!

Also, if you want to be a contributor just comment on this site. And ambassadors from phase 4, 3, 2, and 1 can be editors. The ambassadors in phase 5 and up can be authors. I’m real busy so I can’t post much. This site is doing it’s best ever and I want to keep it that way, so if you think you can make some good posts, comment on this post!




3 responses

20 04 2009
Ambasador Soccer

lol….. thats funny.

If you need any help, I could post once in a while.

-Ambassador Soccer

20 04 2009
Ambassador Richcooldude

k ill join ur site

21 04 2009

Ok I will join I am phace 1 and the #2 ambassador as you know. Also I am an a Greek too, so dont say anything bad in comments…. 😕

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