Wondering where all the old mods went?

18 04 2009

Are you? ANSWER ME PLEASE! Ok, that’s what I thought!

They’re all working on a special project (says Bigdawg)

They’ll be back eventually. Don’t worry, they’re alive, they did not retire, there are probably hundreds of mods, but they work in the Planetary Command Center, so we can’t visit them. They’ll be back soon one day!




6 responses

18 04 2009

loiosh left 😦

18 04 2009
Black Wolf

Really? Where’d ya find that out??

18 04 2009
PCAP Champions

bw she left a long time ago

18 04 2009
Black Wolf

Yeah… they all left a long time ago.

18 04 2009

wait she left like foEVER?

19 04 2009
Ambassador Beta Omer

Yes loiosh left. But that was ages ago.

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