A Healty Pet is a Happy Pet

18 04 2009

Yes, it is true.

You don’t want your pet getting bloated and too slow to go on walks! Here’s what I try doing every morning:

I take my pet on a walk, I take my other pet on a walk. Then I go to the fitness center with them. Usually when Im on the machines, Yopp just hops in the air, getting his work out. Here’s something you and your friends will love. Make your bets, wager your items. Now go to the Fitness Center and have a race! Whoever wins gets the item they agreed on and has to give their most unvaluable item to the loser. But let the other person have fun too so if they want a rematch, give them a rematch! Pets like this game a lot because they get to run around. It makes it fun for everyone!





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