16 04 2009

Hey guys Ambassador Champions here.  I am bored so I am going to express my love for Pokemon.  I got Pokemon Platinum and I have had all the Pokemon games dating back to Fire Red/Leaf Green.  I have Pokemon Yellow (pikachu), Pokemon Silver (suicune), Pokemon Ruby/Saphire/Emerald, Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green, Pokemon Pearl/Diamond/Platinum.  Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green are my favorites but I don’t play them anymore.  I play Platinum mostly now.  I am actucally very good at it.  I have at least 20 Lv. 10os and a lot of other better pokemon.  My WiFi isn’t working right now so I can’t use the WiFi for the game :-(.  

Here is my party:

Rayquaza Lv. 100

Blaziken Lv. 100

Milotic Lv. 100

Ultama/Tyranitar Lv. 1oo

HO-OH Lv. 100

Slowbro Lv. 100

They are know very good attacks and in my Pearl I beat the Elite Four like 70 times!!!!

So if you like Pokemon maybe me and whoever wants to can make a Pokemon Cazmo Fan Club or Just a Cazmo Fan Club!!!!

~Ambassador Champions




2 responses

16 04 2009

Ya its ok I had all 100s when I played my Arknie was the strongest and only lost to some water types thats it.


17 04 2009

omg bw, sci put the same thing on her site, EXACTLY the same thing, lol

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