6 02 2009

Hey guys Ambassador Champions here.  I will be making a new thing called PCOS.  The first person to guess what it stands for get to be the vice president of this organization.  Here’s a hint:  It has to do with the new president.  if you know the answer comment on My Blog.

Spots Open

Vice President:  Open (1)

Secratery:  Open (2)

Senators:  Open (5)  you get to choose which PC site u wanna represent

Mayors:  Open (2)  you can be the mayor of Funkitron or Betastreet


I will either make a new blog for this or a new page here.


~Ambassador Champions




5 responses

6 02 2009
Agent Mutey

i have no idea…

6 02 2009

Planet Cazmo Obama Society or
Planet Cazmo Obama Stuff or
Planet Cazmo Obama Secrets lol idk I’ll guess more tommorrow lol

7 02 2009

Planet Cazmo Obama Supporters?

28 05 2010
Clarice Tatum

If I had a penny for every time I came to planetpc.wordpress.com.. Incredible read.

18 08 2010
rigel g

i want to know are spots till opem

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