25 01 2009


Here’s how this contest will work. I doubt any of you are going to do this but let’s see who does! You must make BW out of… CANDY! The person who makes the best image wins! You can use any image of me you want. It must have the ambassador hat on it though. The only exception is if it had my hair.



But once again you can have me in any outfit in Cazmo. Except I must be wearing an ambassador hat or just my hair. In Cazmo you can ask me to switch styles so you can pick your look you want. All pictures must be sent to CazmoSubmission@Yahoo.Com


1st Place: Editor forever

2nd Place: Author forever

3rd Place: Contributor Forever

The only way you will lose your job is if you make post not about Planet Cazmo or if you advertise. The 3rd place reward is a reward you cannot really lose cause I have to check each of the Contributor’s posts and approve them.





8 responses

25 01 2009

Man, we don’t have candy at my house, my house is really heathy. Good luck to everyone, though!


25 01 2009


25 01 2009

testing again

26 01 2009

Well that’s a lame prize how bout cc or coins!

26 01 2009
Ambassador Agent

U so copied that from Mimo LOL I’m not gonna enter good luck to u all

26 01 2009

Wyse, right now cause of the rise of prices I don’t have any spare money. And agent I don’t look at Mimo’s site, but did he really do this contest???

27 01 2009
Ambassador Agent

Yeah LOL

5 02 2009

u know Ill do it I have a perfect picture of ur hair.

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