Ideas for 2009

1 01 2009

Cazmos! Do you have an idea for PC 2009? If so comment on this post saying so! On my page on the official PC blog, you already know my idea. So why not share yours? I’m sure you’ve got a great one! Just hit the comment button and tell us your great idea!





5 responses

1 01 2009

they could have contests like best dressed or collest houses to win coins or cash

3 01 2009

sillyman that would make it like cp but pc is WAY better than cp and doesnt copy them. Well they coukd make like lets say if you have a twenty three cazmo cash item that you don’t like you should be able to sell it for like twenty cazmo cash or eighteen. <——- I hope what I said happens! O and if you have the tiger tamer or a rare item you should be able to sell it for cazmo cash! I hope that idea works too!

3 01 2009

ill sell my tiger tamer for 9000 cc i wonder wholl buy it!

4 01 2009

for a start, you could join my unicorn weblog. xD

4 01 2009

unicorn weblog


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