Zib talked to me.

7 11 2008

Run for your life!!!




7 responses

7 11 2008

Hey its me Blue sweden cool i was on planet cazmo and goop was there and we were talking.

8 11 2008

This is a real zib or just a cazmo?

8 11 2008

I think it was a mod messing with us. cause the mods talk to us alot without being in the room. He did the same thing.


10 11 2008

i feel scared actually i think they will be gud i think they abducted some people because they are lonely and like all creatures and want to share our world and be peace with us. NAAAAAA most likely there will be war!!!!! GUD WAR!!!

10 11 2008


22 11 2008

lol, I was there too… that was scary!

26 12 2010

omg that’s kinda scary. did you hear about Jeff and… it was like terso or something… but did you? poor them. i wanna see Zib and other aliens on planet cazmo!

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