The real Story + PARTY!!!

25 10 2008

Hi Cazmos,

I wanted to explain to some of you the real story. Some of you think I’m cheating the cc system now cause I used my own computers. Well here’s the real story. My brother filmed me and I wasn’t looking. He got my password and played it very slow and entered it so he had access you my account. I found out and now my pass is changed, and I broke his video camera lol. Anyways, I was never cheating a system. My friends came over one day and wanted to make an account but they wanted to get me some cc. So I reffered them using my computers cause they didn’t bring their laptops. So I was never really cheating the system. I was just helping out my friends. Also, PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The party is sooner than you think! It’s tomorrow!!!

What time you ask???

Time: 3:00 PC time!!! Check the clock in pc and see how many hours ahead or behind of you that is.

Where: My house!

Why?: Halloween!

What should I wear?: Any costume. We will all get in a big group and take a pic. The pic will be on this blog and my blog.

Well, I really hope you come!





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