Planet Cazmo advertisement going Youtube

25 07 2008

Hi Cazmos,

We should all make Videos on Youtube advertising Planet Cazmo.

But, if you didn’t know about Planet Cazmo I guess you wouldn’t know about the vid.

So we should tag the advertisements with popular tags like Club Penguin or Baseball or something like that.

We should try getting more cazmos to play by the time beta testing is over.

If we could get more cazmos to play by then that would be awesome.

Also, you can take this post and Please add it your site.

Also, if you do please say something like “(original post by black wolf)” and if you do that please do not put a link down cause then It would be advertising for me and not Planet Cazmo.

Also if some of you new Cazmos need help on Planet Cazmo and are reading this, just comment on this post (or any post) and tell me what you need help on.





4 responses

13 11 2008

you scare me

13 11 2008


13 11 2008

oh you do cheats i thought you were a goody goody u always said kae dont say this dont say that

13 11 2008

It’s more of hints, not cheats. And I have to tell you to not say certain things because I am an ambassador of Planet Cazmo and I’m supposed to do that. Also, I don’t want you getting banned.


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