I’m Back!

5 07 2008

Hi Cazmos! Hi Cazmos!Hi Cazmos! Hi Cazmos! Hi Cazmos! Hi Cazmos! Hi Cazmos! Hi Cazmos! WOW! That feels very good to say after a vacation! As you probably know, cause you read it(atleast I think you should have), I got back from vacation!!! And yes, I just realized that I did make a mistake (for those who don’t speak English, “Whoops”). Squd was the first who made the post about soccer’s site. http://planetcazmosqud.wordpress.com/ We will have a 500 hits party VERY SOON!!!

Pease give me some ideas for time(planet cazmo time).

*Wolf* (That feels very good to say after a vacation too!)




One response

6 07 2008

Hello Everybody
Surprisingly there is internet in my apartment in Venice..
I went to check my e-mail to see if I got any mail..
I entered my Username and Password..and I see this message: Incorrect Password. I tried over and over but no chance…ALL my emails were hacked. I checked how my blog was going..SOMEONE DELETED IT! Now, my account ‘Mute’ on Planet Cazmo is hacked too! My wordpress account, gmail account, planet cazmo account and blog is hacked..and Im afraid i’ll never get it back..so..I quit planet cazmo. Goodbye everyone
I have a few suspects:

Now, Im not saying it IS them..but im suspecting them!
Please email wordpress AND gmail.
my gmail accounts were helenstrouter(at)gmail.com and mute.planetcazmo(at)gmail.com
Also email Planet Cazmo and get Mute BANNED.
I might not quit if I get emails and blog and cazmo back
Bye (Maybe FOREVER)

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