Soccer’s blog is gone!

1 07 2008

Hi guys, I’m going on vacation REAL soon. But anyways, thanks for letting me be an admin crab.

Soccer’s blog was deleted! I don’t know if he deleted it or if a hacker did but it’s gone now. If a hacker did delete it, we sould all email wp.

See ya soon!


I was the first to post this.

My blog is




3 responses

1 07 2008
Soccer (not logged in)

its soccer. Someone hacked me again, and this time my sites delted 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦
And i cant get my cazmo soccer back. I may be able to, because i just tryed to hack back my email lol
please go to my forum
Sad 😦 Soccer
p.s im quiting pc unless i get soccer back and my email.
So email pc and wordpress of you can for me

1 07 2008


It’s Carrotz. I’m trying to get hits, and I’d love it if you could visit my blog! It has lots of pages, parties, posts, and more! Check it out now at

Carrotz 😉

3 07 2008

heyy soccer sorry to here that and by the way isnt it soccerdragon instead of soccer….anyways black wolf i have 150 hits so u can add me to ur blogroll….


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