19 06 2008

Bye people,its kokeeto,i wanted to tell u tht i’ll missu a load,coz im quiting,lol,jk..jk..jk…I’ll miss u coz i’m going on vacation on the 20th of this month..Cya Later..Also,I wanna tell Black Wolf that im sorry but now i cant post on ur site,neither be an if u wnna ill be later or  if u want i lost my Later Guys,im really going to miss u, and miss every second in pc..If u saw someone with the name of Kokeeto on pc,then be sure that this isnt a hacker,this is Romani..He knows my password.Im sure he wouldnt do anything bad to it,Right Romani??Bye to all my frindz,,,sacred,gamer,RD,romani,paunguin,Saturn,Catlas,Wolf,Nado,Tom man,Rare,BAll,V.Mick,Nolurator,jeff,otaku,piffle,Soccer,Lil Blue,Origami,Gillberston,Quizzy,Mess,squad,carrots,Rocked,spiros,soccer.the xoxos and other ppl in them,and many other ppl..

sAcReD and Romani,plz take care of contest and the site..

Best Regards,Kokeeto




2 responses

19 06 2008
*bm!$+* aka blackmist100

hey black wolf. u know whitemist right? well i’m his bro. u know our site too right? lol cool site u have here. me and my bro sure have a lot of hits though. lol

-bm!$+ signing off and rockin’ out

19 06 2008

lol thanks kokeeto. You said my name twice 🙂

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