Yesterday Was CRAZY!

14 06 2008

You heard right!

1. First, since I got out a day before my Mom’s class (she taught Kindergarten this year) , so I went to help out my Mom. We went to the park with her class. Then all of her kids started chasing me. They have alot of energy. They finally cut me off after 30 minutes of running. Then they all tackled me and pulled my hair. Then I started running again and one was on a playground and he jumped off the playground and fell on my back.

2. My Mom told me we were going to see the A’s VS Giants game. And the Giants were playing in their retro jerseys. The first 20,000 people to get to the game would get retro giants jerseys.

3. When we got there (2 hours before the starting pitch), I headed right over to this place where you got a “get your orange on!” giants shirt. I also tried to get my hair dyed orange but there was barely any and they used it all on me. It only tinted my hair orange.

4. We went to the Dug Out Store. It was packed in there. I saw a signed Barry Bonds bat. Only $1000! I can see why that piece of wood with a name on it was $1000.

5. I got in the stadium, got my retro jersey and walked around. I wandered my way to the PS3. I was playing the A’s VS the Yankees.

6. When the game started, I was wearing 4 layers of clothing: the shirt I came with, the retro jersey, the “get your orange on!” shirt, and a sweatshirt. By the 5th inning, I was already cold. We went home cause my brother was freezing.

7. In the bart that we took back home, we lost power. Then when we were done with bart, we drove back home in our car. The car hit a curb and the front wheel on the left blew up. The back wheel on the left got a big bubble (still hasn’t popped, lol). We had to sit there for an hour when we could have just called a engineer dude.

8. We got home at 11:00 pm. I slept very good.

What a crazy day! Hope your days don’t go as crazy as mine.

Also, Visquel made an EXCELLENT catch and he stole home when the catcher had the ball!

Barry Zito





6 responses

17 06 2008

Lol, that must HAVE been a crazy day..


-RC :mrgreen:

19 07 2009
Baseball Bat

Wow what a day. I find the fourth one a little offensive though.. I didn’t know Spiros was a hacker.

19 07 2009
Black Wolf

lol all I was saying was that I don’t think a piece of wood should be $1000, it’s just my opinion. And what are you talking about, Spiros is a hacker??

20 07 2009

huh? I thought I saw an update on the post saying Spiros is a hacker…idk I must be crazy. Well tht or u edited the post.

I think it must be the crazy thing cause I didn’t edit this post… yet… 😀

20 07 2009
Planet Cazmo Hut

Try to say that again!

20 07 2009
Black Wolf

Try to say what again??

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