New Cazmo’s Need Our Help!

8 06 2008

Update: There was a weird glitch yesterday, idk if it’s still going but, the name of your cazmo’s would have a different pic in it when you went to paint. If it was just in the game though, it was normal. I used the glitch for my header I will realease soon. Released. But it is real bad so I will make a new one soon.


Hey cazmos. There are many new cazmos joining because planet cazmo partnered with kol. Kol is advertising planet cazmo on there site. Which means theres like a million new noobs everyday. (Just kidding) It’s are job to help them get around on pc. 99% of them need help. So please spread this message

This post was from , soccer’s site. Please spread the message so many new cazmo’s don’t quit.





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